This famous plane wreckage on the black sand beaches of Iceland's treacherous coast provides the perfect subject for some drone shots.

Native Icelandic birds perform acrobatics above Skógafoss.

Exploring homes, both abandoned and occupied, along Iceland's coast.
Lunch is served in the middle of the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Impromptu stops on our way to see the 2017 solar eclipse in its totality on the Oregon Coast.
A trip to the Paint Mines in Southern Colorado warranted for a quick, cinematic video.
An old railroad tunnel in Colorado Springs, CO introduced some really unique lighting for my subject.
Finding the perfect pumpkin.
The small town of Ward (left) and a frozen lake just outside of Ward in the Indian Peaks Wilderness (right).
The gorgeous valleys of Rocky Mountain National Park.
Colorado mountain roads. RMNP (left) and Lookout Mountain (right). 
Lenticular clouds in Rocky Mountain National Park.
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